Who We Are...

Carrolls Wedding & Event Floral Design bloomed from Carroll's Florist, a corner neighborhood garden shop that was born 65 years ago. It has grown into a leader in the floral industry with an unsurpassed reputation for honesty and integrity.


The design team is comprised of committed, dedicated and talented professionals; some of whom  are previous shop-owners.  Along with third-generation owner Chad Cannizzaro, visions become reality as they create some of most beautiful and romantic wedding, event, and celebration flowers in the area.  Each event is as important to Carrolls as it is to the client.   

The personal service you can expect comes with sincere appreciation and gratitude, making the process of choosing Carrolls far easier for the huge number of  brides and planners who have said "Yes" and joined their family.

November/December 2012

There's certainly something to be said for a company ​that continues to blossom after more than 60 years of business. Carroll's Florist, a Dongan Hills-based shop, has been arranging artistic floral bouquets, stylish table centerpieces, and other colorful floral and foliage creations for several generations.

Opened in 1946, this full-service florist-a staple in the community-has helped clients celebrate many milestones throughout its storied history. Carroll's has brought a splash of color and beauty to countless wedding events, and also brought sympathy and comfort to families when they lost a loved one. The florist has also been there to welcome many births and spread many smiles in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, and beyond.

Similar to the way a perennial returns year after year, this family-owned florist has engaged in generations of business within the Cannizzaro family.

"When customers walk in, they feel as if they're entering a family home," said owner Chad Cannizzaro. Many of the staff, some of who have been on handfor 25 years, know each customer by name. "It's a nice atmosphere, and I don't feel that it's changed at all since I started working here when I was 12 years-old.


Cannizzaro has risen through the family ranks, learning the business from the bottom up. Although Carroll's has experienced many years of success within the same family and location, 2013 is a year for some highly anticipated changes.

Early that year, the florist will relocate across the street from its original Richmond Road locationto new space in a three-level building. the revamped space will boat a new showroom as well as a separate workspace for its design team and a private area for clients to interact with the staff and place orders.

"The new space offers a far more comfortable setting in which they are truly the center of attention."

The new building will offer a sleek and modern look and the space will include flat screen televisions, which enable brides and guests to view an extensive portfolio of floral arrangements.

The ground floor will serve as a creative workspace-where ribbons, bows, and other embellishments will mingle with all types of flowers to create colorful, stylish arrangements.

Level two will serve as a showroom space, displaying a range of gifts such as candles and creams by Archipelago Botanicals as well as other home decor and a full line of invitations for wedding and events. The top floor will serve as a part-work-space, but will also offer a secluded area for brides and other guests who need a moment of privacy.

Beyond the upcoming changes (all of which will be unveiled in 2113), other evolutions within the last few years have impacted the business.

"Five years ago, Carroll's Florist merged with Hollywood Flowers, which was located on New Dorp Lane for 15 years," said Cannizzaro. "With the business came Hollywood's Owner, Leroy Nagengast, who I believe is the finest designer on Staten Island. He has brought a lot to the business-not only in terms of customer base, but sheer talent."

Nagengast is credited for taking a well-established florist and enabling it to bloom into something better and stronger. Well respected in the community, he has been a fixture in the industry since he was a working teen. "Aside from expanding the customer base, he's brought craftsmanship and design to the business and has elevated us to a new level," added Cannizzaro,

While there are certainly changes and growth spurts afoot, the core of the business will remain the same; Carroll's will continue to serve as a key destinaion for arrangements for wedding, funerals, and special events (the business is certified in event planning). The company is also renowned for its festive offering of holiday baskets ideal for gift giving.

Another holiday related service offered includes festive decorating in clients'  homes.

"Often clients will come in and requestthat we decorate their homes for the holidays or other small gatherings they're hosting." said Cannizzaro. "This type of work is often done in the shop after the design team  visits the home and crafts a plan."

Of all the splendid floral creations that Carroll's has created,  Cannizzaro is most proud of the work done for local schools and churches. It also works with the loacal hospice program, March of Dimes, and Meals on Wheels, and has created a number of floral pieces for breast cancer awareness initiatives.

"We're a landmark on Staten Island," concluded Cannizzaro. "In the last 10 years, many businesses have changed or disappeared. We believe we have real significance. People come in and tell us that we've created the flowers for their parents' or grandparents' weddings.  It's been 60 years and we're still an important part of the borough. That's in part why we feel so compelled to give back to charitable organizations."